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2013 January

Resolution Tally

January 18th, 2013
A yet-to-be named resolution tally tool that allows you to schedule recurring daily/weekly/monthly/yearly items. For example, if i want to read 2 books a month, I’d choose a book icon, select 2, ¬†and set the tally to repeat every month. After finishing a book, I click the icon on my resolution list, which brings my goal down to 1 more for the month, and adds one book to my accomplished ...

This Seat’s Taken

January 11th, 2013
This Seat’s Taken is my idea of an audience demographic analysis tool for use in compiling nonprofit event data. Upon checking in to a function, a user would be taken to a mobile site that provides a series of engaging interactive demographic questions. All answers would be compiled and shown as an info-graph style report of event specific demographic information for the organization.