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I’m a freelance creative director/strategist/video producer  in Pittsburgh who loves the  opportunity to get his hands dirty with multiple types of media to tell a great story. When I’m not directing or designing, I spend a lot of time outside of work involved in theater, taking pictures, shooting video, and using just about any other medium I can to bring what’s in my brain to life.


I  get a lot of enjoyment out of cooking for other people, because for just a moment, everything seems right in the world when you are sharing a meal. Check out for some food photography and video work of mine. I also have a series of short documentaries in the works called “A Bite of the Burgh”, so stay tuned for that.

Film and Television

Despite all of the talking, texting, late seating, and popcorn crunching; there is no place I would rather be than a movie theater.  I like to envision myself as somewhat of a television connoisseur, also, juggling multiple series at a time for that perfect blend of sci-fi, drama, dark comedy, and mind numbing fun. My biggest inspirations- Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling, Jean Pierre Jeaunet, Bryan Fuller, Alfonso Cuarón, Wes Anderson, and Tom Ford.